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Why You Should Choose Us for Your Tax Law Firm

Honesty and Integrity as Founding Principles

Before our company was set up our two creators were seasoned professionals in the tax aid sector. They saw the way most companies were treating their customers, as well as the other ones that were being shut down by the federal government, and knew there had to be room in the marketplace for a reputable and honest company. So from day one, assignment and our aim in company has been to treat every customer like they were a member of our family.

30 Day, Money Back Guarantee

In addition, we provide a no questions asked, full 30 day money back guarantee. For any reason that you are dissatisfied with the work we’ve done, we sincere apology for wasting your time, and will give you a complete refund of your deposit. But understand that before that would ever occur, we’ll work our tails off to earn your satisfaction.

Our Firm Has Stood the Test of Time

While other firms have come and gone, ours continues to this day to help individuals all across the country get relief, and has survived the test of time. Ours was really giving back to the people that made this country great, and continued to really have a BBB AA+ rating while other companies were getting shut down by Congress for shady business practices.


Amount We Reduced Our Client's Back Tax Debts in 2018

Our Services

Our Kentucky team is here and ready to help you in having your tax lien removed immediately and economically.

What is a Tax Lien?

In case your tax debt to the IRS has built up to significant enough amount, they may elect to file a tax lien against your property as well as you. This really is simply a legal claim of ownership on the matters which you already own, plus it’ll stay there until your tax debt has been totally paid off.

This means that the federal government can legally own your house, automobiles, boats, RVs and anything else in the event you owe them money still. While this lien is in position, it’s impossible to refinance sell or do anything until that amount is totally paid off.

Our Kentucky team is ready and standing by to help you with your tax lien problem, and we’ve had great results getting them lifted in Owensboro.

How Fast Can I have a Tax Lien Completely Removed?

For most tax liens, the government will require you to get back into conformity with them before they will lift their lien on your own premises. This process could take up, or as little as a couple days to two or a week, based on how quick you are able to get your paperwork.

Following that, the authorities can normally remove your tax lien within 24 to two days of becoming fully compliant. Now this can be contingent on the amount that you owe, what you intend to do it provisions of an agreement or settlements with them and your history.

How Can I Get My Tax Lien Gone Quickly?

Our Kentucky office is ready to assist you get back on your own feet financially, and has a few openings for new clients.

So if you’re interested in removing your tax liens fast, give our Owensboro office a call right now.

Quit worrying about your organization tax debt, and let our Owensboro team negotiate for you, in order to run a profitable company.

What Should I Do About My Payroll Tax Debt?

For many business owners, payroll tax debt is some thing which is often totally unsuspected, and sneaks up fast.

So if you’ve been letting running your business come first, and figuring out whatever you need to settle the government comes second, and have run into a bit of a problem, the time to repair matters is right away. The longer you wait, the more fees and interest costs that the Internal Revenue Service will slap on, to try and get what they are owed.

How Much Can I Reduce My Business Tax Debt?

For most companies, you can diminish your payroll tax debt a significant percent, which means that your business can stay afloat with the proper cash flow. The precise amount will depend in your individual tax situation, how much you owe, and just how much cash your company is generating and paying out on a monthly basis.

Our Kentucky will get you the best rate and solution potential, and experts are highly experienced with negotiating business payroll tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service.

What Will the IRS Do If I Don’t Pay My Payroll Tax Debt?

Should you decide to carry on to dismiss your business payroll tax debt, the Internal Revenue Service will begin to add on additional penalties and interest charges for the nonpayment. These will start off small, but will continue to improve over time, and considerably raised the amount you owed.

If you continue to ignore these, the IRS can in fact go in and put on your own company, that will lawfully seize ownership of and possession of your company property on liens and levies. They are even able to go as far as to shut your business down entirely, which would make process and your support of income entirely evaporate suddenly.

Do yourself, your workers as well as your future a favor right now, and let our Owensboro tax attorneys negotiate on your behalf with the Internal Revenue Service, so you can concentrate on running a successful company.

Getting an Installment Agreement together with the authorities is a great method to spread out your payments over time in order to manage them.

What is the Installment Agreement Program?

Most of the time when you have built up a back tax debt to the Internal Revenue Service, they’ll expect you to repay the entire amount in one single payment. As they do not have tens of thousands dollars additional just sitting around for most of US, this really is hopeless.

That is why the IRS introduced what is referred to as an installment arrangement, which is actually an arrangement you enter into with them, that will let you pay back the amount you owe over time, instead of one large payment, in smaller monthly payments.

Will I Qualify for an Installment agreement?

Because it’ll raise the prepayment rate it is going to get on the back taxes which people owe, the Internal Revenue Service is generally very accepting of most individuals to enter an installment arrangement. For most of US, qualifying for an installment agreement is a reasonably easy action to do.

But before you go out as well as apply for one, so you’ll have the capacity to get the best rate and payment amount possible you will need to know what advice that it’ll be asking for, in the easiest way to present that info. Our Owensboro team negotiates multiple installment agreements each and every day, so we understand the very best means of getting our clients the results they require, in a payment they could manage.

So let our Kentucky pros handle negociate your installment arrangement for you, because often times we are able to get twice as good of deal as citizens usually would, due to our working relationship with IRS contacts.

How Can I Negotiate an Installment Agreement?

Negociate an installment arrangement is just concerned about getting the money they are owed, and can be somewhat tricky for many people, as the IRS is usually not on your side. This means they’ll frequently try and visit sizeable payments that you can’t struggling to get by every month, and manage, which can leave you strapped for cash.

Our Owensboro pros can make sure that you are a paying the sum that you need to be paying based on your current life situation, and not more.

How Much Will I Have to Pay with an Installment Agreement?

The exact amount you’ll have to pay each month with the panda number of variables, including the total amount that you owe, your monthly income and expenses, and how well you can negotiate together with the Internal Revenue Service. But depending on your own individual situation, this may be less or more.

The top way finding out just how much you can expect to pay, is by giving our Kentucky pros a call right now. A telephone consultation along with only a quick 15 tell you exactly what you must know about a possible payment agreement between you as well as the IRS.

Quit bank levies in their courses, and get rightful access to your money again.

What is a Bank Levy?

The IRS may choose to issue a bank levy in your checking, savings or brokerage accounts in case your tax debt has been built up to a high enough of amount. This really is basically when the Internal Revenue Service gives out a legal seizure of your assets, as well as your bank is required to send a specific percentage of the money to them that you have saved with them.

Following the IRS issues a bank levy, in your assets will freeze for 21 days, and that your funds will be sent straight to the Internal Revenue Service, when you’ll not manage to get them back.

Can my bank levy be removed?

Luckily for you, most bank levies could be taken away instantly, depending on your individual tax situation.

That way, you’ll have access to all your accounts and the cash kept within those, instead of having them locked up, and then send to the authorities.

How can I stop my bank levy?

For most of US, the best way to stop an IRS Bank Levy would be to utilize a team of experts that have extensive expertise in dealing with these types of issues. Our Owensboro team is well-versed in immediately removing bank levies from your account, in order to proceed with your life and have full access to get hard earned money you have.

Give our Owensboro tax law firm a call immediately to see that which we can do for you.

Our Owensboro team can eventually put a finish to the notices and letters from the Internal Revenue Service, and take the revenue officers off of your back.

What Does My IRS Notice Mean?

Has the IRS been sending threatening letters or notices to business or your home lately? Most of the time these letters and notices are very complicated to read and difficult to understand for most people.

They usually include information that is legalistic on your present tax problem, phrased in a way you cannot understand, with the intention of warning you about forthcoming activities they are going to take on private life or your account.

They will stop at nothing to send these letters to your Owensboro home or location of employment.

What Should I Do About IRS Letters and Notices Showing Up at My House?

The finest from showing up at work or your house that you can do in order to stop these letters and notices is to get a hold of a seasoned [say] tax law firm, who understands what to do about them, and exactly what these letters mean.

Our Kentucky firm understands precisely what each one among them means in terms of what our clients next actions needs to be and manages hundred of these layers per week for clients, and deciphers.

How serious are these IRS Letters and Notices being sent to my office?

These IRS letters and notices are supposed to be very serious to the citizen, and typically represents a possible action the Internal Revenue Service is about to take against you. Though they are not easy to comprehend, they mean business, and can sometimes mean the IRS is about to confiscate the possession of your home or automobile as a means of getting you to repay the quantity you owe.

What is a Revenue Officer?

Another trick of the IRS uses to retrieve the amount which you owe in back taxes, is to send an IRS revenue officer do business or your residence. These policemen are used specifically to harass you into reimbursing the amount that you simply owe. For most of US, they will not quit seeking you out until you actually repay the entire sum in back tax debt.

So if you are having problems with a revenue officer showing up at your residence or company, and only want to be free of them for good, give our Owensboro pros a call instantly to learn what your options are.

Savings from Actual Clients

Client Tax DebtSettlementClient Savings
$105,000$5,148$99,852 (95% off)
$50,000$8,800$41,200 (82% off)
$20,000$780$19,220 (96% off)
$23,581$1,200$22,381 (95% off)
$37,514$7,752$29,762 (79% off)

What Our Clients Say

Kelly & Howard T.5 Star Rating

I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs help!

I called to discuss some serious tax issues and from my very first phone call, this team was terrific. They were courteous, professional and quick to deliver. Instant Tax Solutions far-exceeded any expectations that I had. They turned our situation around very quickly. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs help with the IRS.

Houston, TX

Linda C.5 Star Rating

The entire staff was very helpful and courteous through the process with no gimmicks.

The experience was a painless one with no hassles of hoops to jump. I had a debt of $16,000.00 and ended up paying $1,700.00. They handled everything from start to end with a very positive resolution. The entire staff was very helpful and courteous through the process with no gimmicks. Keep on with the GREAT work.

Atlanta, GA

Aaron F.5 Star Rating

...made me feel comfortable working with them. A burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

I had ten years of taxes I hadn’t filed. I was really nervous and didn’t know what to do. I checked the IRS website for tips on selecting a company. Instant Tax Solutions had a good rating and made me feel comfortable working with them. A burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you Instant Tax Solutions!

Tacoma, WA

Welcome to Kentucky SH Tax Law Firm!

They’re the greatest collection agency on the planet with billions of dollars in backing and thousands of revenue officers to try and collect money from you. You should not have to face them alone.

Here at SH Tax Law Firm, we are experienced in fighting with the IRS on your own behalf. With a team of highly trained and experienced tax attorneys, CPAs, consultants and other staff, we have hundreds of years in combined experience, and know the best ways of negotiating with the Internal Revenue Service to get the kind of results that you need.

With a BBB A+ rating since the day we were founded, and a large number of satisfied clients all across the country, we’re here to be sure you get the outcome and tax resolution that you require.

So if you’d like to understand how our tax law firm can help your back tax debt situation, please give us a call. A quick 15 minutes on the phone with one of our specialists can inform you exactly where you stand, and what exactly you need to do next to get relief.

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